Joint Vibration Analysis

What is Joint Vibration Analysis?

At The Smile Center, Dr. Hankins and his team lead the way in treating Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) with precision and care in their region. As one of the few providers in Northwest Arkansas proficient in addressing TMD, he brings a unique edge to his practice, harnessing the power of Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA) for both diagnosing and treating this complex condition.
JVA stands as a revolutionary, non-invasive diagnostic tool that transcends the capabilities of methods like X-rays or MRI scans. With the ability to perform examinations during natural jaw movements, this dynamic approach provides real-time, accurate breakdowns of your jaw’s functionality. This pain-free method ensures a more thorough evaluation of your jaw’s condition compared to a traditional hands on exam, offering outstanding insight into the health of your joints.
At The Smile Center, you’re not just benefiting from advanced technology; you’re in the capable hands of Dr. Hankins. His specialized use of JVA sets him apart in Northwest Arkansas, ensuring a thorough examination of vibration frequencies and a comprehensive understanding of your jaw’s health.

How does The Smile Center use JVA to Help You?

When TMD symptoms like pain, discomfort, or clicking sounds in the jaw arise, they can signal various underlying issues, ranging from past injuries and habitual teeth grinding to arthritis or inherent structural problems. These issues can significantly impact your day-to-day, leading to persistent pain, headaches or the feeling of fluid in your ears, difficulties in eating and speaking, and a diminished overall quality of life.
Embrace a future free from invasive procedures and secure your well-being at The Smile Center. Utilizing a specialized headset equipped with accelerometers, detailed data on your jaw’s vibrations during movement are captured, enabling precise analysis and tailored treatment strategies unique to your specific case.
The consistency and precision of JVA’s results stand tall based on years of collected data, allowing Dr. Hankins to monitor the progression of your jaw’s health, enabling a strategic and well-informed approach to your treatment. And with the affordability of JVA being on par with minor dental procedures, invaluable insights into your joint’s well-being are accessible without causing financial strain.
Choose proactive management and ensure a future of comfort and freedom from pain at The Smile Center. Don’t wait—place your joint’s well-being at the forefront of your health priorities, and book your JVA session today with Dr. Hankins, your expert in TMD treatment in Northwest Arkansas!
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